Beach Photo Shoots & Pricing Info

-I come to you about one hour before sunset. 

-Most shoots are around 45 minutes to one hour in length. 

-We shoot individuals, couples, groups, posed, fun and even silly. 

-The point of this shoot is to capture great family memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy it! 

-I can do cloudy, I can do windy, but I cannot do raining. If it does rain, I will try to 

reschedule depending on availability. If we do not shoot, you do not pay. 

-About two weeks after the shoot, I will post your online gallery with a private password 

for you to share with the entire family. You can create your own favorites folder

 and order directly from the online gallery! 

No minimum orders or packages...order what you want! 

-Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 


 All types of photo shoots are available...Senior Pics, Babies, Reunions, Parties, Real Estate, Headshots and more!   

Pricing information.

 -Session fees are based on amount of people, location and needs of the client. 

Call, text or email for more information. 

-Session fees do include your shoot, any retouching needed and your online gallery. 

-Session fees cover only the session/shoot. No prints, digital files or discs are included.  

- Digital Images: You can purchase the rights to images! 

You will be sent high res retouched final images via email. 

Print , post and share with friends and family anywhere in the world! 

Buy 1 to 5 images  - $35 each 

6 to10 images  - $25 each 

11 to 20 images - $20 each 

21 or more images - $15 each    


Size        Print        Canvas 

4x6         $6.00         n/a 

5x7        $10.00        n/a 

8x10        $24.00        $80.00 

11x14      $58.00       $120.00 

16x20      $92.00       $190.00 

24x36      $144.00     $339.00 

More sizes available

All print order are handled by me and I have been using the same print lab for over a decade

 so your print orders are in good hands! Thank you.